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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Packers and Kerry Win!

The Green Bay Packers won today, which is a goood thing for this country. According to history if the Washington Redskins lose the game before the election the incumbent President loses the election. This is great for Senator John Kerry. I think it should help provide a boost for him and perhaps help him win the election. If not he'll break a tradition that's been going since the days of Herbert Hoover. Overall I feel positve lately that Kerry will win and so does Chris Burrow (a Republican), as he told me Friday night that he thinks Kerry will win. This is good news and I hope it gets better on Tuesday.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Penguin On The Building

IBM commercial
Originally uploaded by phatfred.
This is the kind of Linux penguin I like to see. Tux is the man. If I were ever to meet a penguin that looked like him I would be compelled to buy that penguin a meal.

Yahoo's New Home Page

Yahoo has released a new home page to the world. I can now finally say that I like Yahoo. I've always held back because of their brutal looking home page that seemed to have just too much data on it that wasn't organized in the way my brain worked. They've beat that now. I can find what I want easily. With that said I've learned quite a bit lately about Yahoo from reading Jeremy Zawodny's blog and I must say that I now understand why Yahoo is becoming a more effective portal everyday.

Friday, October 29, 2004

The Interstate

So I'm going into the Boys & Girls Club of Janesville this morning before I headed up to another job in Milton and there are two old ladies talk outside in the parking lot (the YMCA owns the other half of the building). I had overheard them talking about how it was to drive. On the way back out to my van they were talking about how the interstate system could use more stop signs as it would prevent accidents and make things go faster. Man it just pained me to listen to that as I coculd only think all the accidents it would cause and how slow everything would go. Chalk one up to the two old parking lot ladies for one of the worst ideas ever.

I Have The Answer

I have found the answer to the constant Google share price increase. They have a cheat sheet. Use that to get more out of your searching and more money out of the stock market.


It's interesting to note that Google today finished the day at 193.30 and started just two months ago at an IPO price of right around 95 a share (Dutch Auction IPO prevents an exact price). For those of you good at math you're realizing the company has almost doubled in value and now is worth 52 billion dollars. It's just amazing. I hope this allows for more growth in tech companies in the near future. I'm now cursing myself for not putting money in though, a bummer deal it is.

All of this data was ironically obtained from Google's competitor Yahoo.

Kerry and The Boss

Originally uploaded by Charlie.
Yes. I was there. It was awesome. Scott and I drove up to Madison for the second time. We got to see both of our United States Senators (Feingold and Kohl), Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Governor Doyle, Lieutenant Governor Lawton, and John Kerry. On top of all of it two of my favorite musicians Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters). There were supposdly 80,000 people at the rally, and man they were all over. It was a great time and Kerry's speech today was much better than the one on September 15th. It made me hope he can deliver on what he said. Ian's Pizza for lunch sure made it that much better too. Can't go wrong with a place famous for macaroni and cheese pizza.

I would also like to note that I talked to a lot of other people there and they were all friendly and that was sure nice of them. More importantly though they seemed to have the same concerns I did. Most people didn't seem to blindly support Kerry, but instead opposed Bush and thought Kerry could do better but not amazing. I hope John Kerry does one thing while in office and that is deliver on 75% of his promises.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Onion and John Kerry

Originally uploaded by Billy The Kid.
Oh how I love The Onion and to think it was started in Madison. That's right folks. Madison, the site of the John Kerry rally on Thursday with FREE performances by my favoirte the Foo Fighters and now another favorite of mine, Bruce Springsteen. Get out and show some support for change. Print your free tickets and learn more at

Who's Your Daddy?

Holloween 2004
Originally uploaded by cousinvinnyf.
It's the Pedro Martinez Yankee pumpkin. Although apparently they're not really his daddy as the Red Sox did manage to beat them and now they have a 2-0 lead on the Cardinals in the World Series.

More information on what exactly I'm talking about.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Bono for President

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.
With a new U2 CD on the way he probably has a good shot at winning. It's unfortunate he is unable to win because he wasn't born in the United States or to parents from the United States. He does often praise America though, which is what I'm all about. Doesn't help that "All That You Can't Leave Behind" was a great CD.

Bush and the State of Liberty

Originally uploaded by Rashomon.
Interesting for sure. I'm not sure if I get it, maybe a civil liberties joke? Either way it made me stop and think, and then laugh. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

I personally think John Kerry would look funnier here, not that it would make more sense. He just looks the kind of guy that would eat a woman made of metal.

String Cheese is Great!

You can't go wrong with string cheese, especially when it has a Simpsons theme. My current delightful single serving, not for individual resale stick has a fact about Groundskeeper Willie. "Groundskeeper Willie rescued Bart when he was trapped in a well."

Sunday, October 24, 2004

New Team Member

I would like to introduce you to John Reddell, the newest member of the BobtheKing Dot Com team. He'll be posting shortly so make him feel welcome and comment like you did in the good old days.

Packers Win

My dreams came true, the Packers won.


It's halftime of the Packers vs Cowboys game and the Packers are ahead 20-6, let us hope it remains this way. It would be nice to see the Packers pick-up another win.

The Dirt Trail

The Dirt Trail
Originally uploaded by compujeramey.
I wish that it was still this green out. It's sad to realize that everything is turning yellow or brown and falling off the trees now. That's only a sign of two things - cold and school. I wish it was warm outside again.

What do you think?

Daily Show

I have a confession to make. I am an addict. I crave The Daily Show. I crave the remarks of Jon Stewart. I crave the editorial segments produced by reporters such as Ed Helms. I need The Daily Show to keep my sanity. The Daily Show provides me a fresh outlook on life and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, as if I'm not all alone in this world.

If you're interested check out Comedy Central. It's on every night. Man, I love it.

For information on Jon Stewart going on Crossfire and proving why he is the man, visit Russell Beattie's website.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Kerry and Bush as Brand Names!

Steven shared with me an interesting site associating Kerry and Bush with brand names. It's interesting to note that no one wants to be Kmart, while supporters of each side see their candidate as Subway. It's definitely one of the easier political charts to follow.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Castro Takes A Fall

Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro took a fall yesterday. This fall landed Castro with a broken arm and knee, however he assured the audience that he remained in one piece. The article I found has a few comments of his that make it worth the read.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Today is Tuesday

Today is Tuesday which can only mean good things in my email. Really it's just one really good thing. The latest copy of The Onion comes out today. New interesting articles include "U.S. Finishes 'A Strong Second' In Iraq War" and "Nader Polling At 8 Percent Among Past Supporters." Definitely worth your time to go read.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

John and Jack

John and Jack
Originally uploaded by compujeramey.
Thought I would show the picture I took back on September 15th when John Kerry came to Madison. It was a rocking time. John and Jack wanted to show how they were going to help build a Stronger America.

The Boat Ride to Crystal Cavern

The Boat Ride to Crystal Cavern
Originally uploaded by jzawodn.
Another nice shot of the beautiful West. How am I stuck in Wisconsin?

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Dvorak Talks Broadband

John Dvorak shares his wisdom in his latest article False Promises, Failed Intiatives. He discusses the failure of broadband to really spread in the United States and how we're now 256 DSL broadband.

Interesting to note that over the past five years my connection speed has gone from 768K to 3MB (roughly 3000K) and my bill has gone up by 20 bucks. Using Moore's law of something twice as fast coming out every 18 months for the same price, my cable bill should be pretty low for what I'm getting.

Bush Doesn't Deserve Your Vote

Bush Doesn't Deserve Your Vote
Originally uploaded by jvassar.
An awesome shot I found on Flickr. It can't be any more true.

Yummy brats from last weekends Network of Gamers LAN Party. Going to be enjoying them again today as my group grills out for Craig High School's Homecoming.

Lake Tahoe Clear Water

Lake Tahoe Clear Water
Originally uploaded by jzawodn.
Testing out the power of Flickr and it's blogging ability. This was a photo taken by fellow blogger Jeremy Zawodny