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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Picasa 2.0 Now Available

Google's free Picasa photo management software is now up to version 2. The latest release comes with a host of improvements including CD burning, more editing and organizing features, picture captioning, and integration with more online photo services. I've used the program (with the Blogger API) to post a few photos to this site. I personally love it does a great job managing my huge collection of photos. The slideshow mode that plays MP3s in the background is a great feature, excellent for creating instant presentations. I use it now (instead of Windows XP) to manage all my picture importing from my digital camera to my hard drive as it creates quick and easy folders that allow me to take a better look at all the photos I've taken over time.

It's impressive that the program is still only 3 megabytes and runs so fast. I recommend you download Picasa 2.0, especially because it's free.


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