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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Collective Soul

I saw Collective Soul in concert at Beloit Riverfest on July 16th and they were everything I expected. I really enjoyed the concert and was fairly impressed with the selection they chose to play. My seats weren't quite as good as they were for the Gin Blossoms show, so I didn't feel as much as part of the show. Ed Roland, the lead singer, definitely has a thing for the microphone, he was waving it around at just about every chance. He kept trying to get the audience into the show during a few of their new songs, but it just wasn't working. Once they returned to playing the hits, everyone was jamming/dancing along. This brings me to my point, if you're a band that was popular a few years ago, but are really not as popular now, make sure to play ALL of your hits. Most fans are there to hear the hits. If you want to play your new music, sprinkle it inbetween all the other songs. I thought Collective Soul did a better job at this than the Gin Blossoms for what it's worth.

If you get the chance to go see Collective Soul on the cheap (cost me ten bucks), do it.

Pictures from the concert.



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