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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I went to Subway tonight and ordered the usual, a 12-inch Pizza Sub on white with American cheese. It was great. I'm seeing a disturbing streak of bad things happening at Subway though.

First, they added the oven toasting and I don't like it. I'm sure people do, but to me it results in me having to answer another question (I order the same thing everytime). This isn't a very good point, but I just felt compelled to complain. I would be more than happy if they would quit asking me. I'll request it if I want it.

Next, most of the Subways (at least the ones I have been to) have eliminated the Subway Stamp program. This keeps me from coming back often. I want my free sub after every four visits or whatever it was. My customer experience at Subway is reduced as a result of this decision.

My third and final gripe for now is that they have switched to Coke products. I LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW. I also love Dr. Pepper, which isn't a Pepsi product, but they had it there anyways. I don't like the drinks they are offering now, Mello Yello just doesn't cut it for me. I typically don't buy a drink when I'm going right home, but when I'm on the road (50% of my visits) I do. I won't be now.

If I were running Subway they would have an 18-inch sub option, the stamp program, and Pepsi products. I would tell the employees not to ask about the oven either, it would be an on-request option.


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