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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Google Ads and Microsoft

So I'm surfing for some ebooks to read on the PocketPC and I find this page. It's a Microsoft page with Google Ads on it, weird.

Update: After talking with Ben Guild this page might not really be owned by Microsoft, but more just a general partnership of some kind. It is pretty well integrated with the site though.

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WI Windows User Group - Event Review

On Tuesday night I attended the first Wisconsin Windows User Group event at UW-Milwaukee. Coordinated by Brian Tinkler (photo by Daryll McDade) and a host of other committee members, WI-WUG is an exciting new group dedicated to creating a community for network engineers, system administrators, and managers of Microsoft Windows to learn and share their knowledge. It's an excellent group for the Milwaukee area and will only compliment the existing .NET users group.

As typical events of this nature, pizza and pop were provided. I didn't quite get the sponsors name, but thanks go out to them. The pizza was delightful. There was plenty to go around, unfortunately. I expect that Attendance for the event was pretty low, there was supposdly quite a few people that signed-up but didn't show. I would expect the attendance to continue to pick up in the future. That didn't stop the great presentation by Brian Lewis of Microsoft. Brian discussed "Windows Platform Futures" ranging from the 64-bit future to patching schedules and planned releases. He handled all audience questions very well and demonstrated a great passion for the platforms. As I don't have much hands-on experience with many of the server versions of Windows he was talking about I can't judge at what skill level he was really speaking at. His sampler presentation though was an excellent choice for the first presentation, I don't think a better speaker could have been selected.

Everyone in attendance received a free copy of Microsoft Office 2003 and OneNote courtesy of Microsoft. The post presentation discussion ranged from problems with Longhorn betas to how you can use Skype on your cell phone via bluetooth. Leaving the building and finding the parking ramp proved to be an adventure. I walked out with Brian Lewis and another guy (didn't catch his name), and it was an adventure. I felt like we circled the UWM Union a few times before Brian managed to find the lot. We had an older lady that was wandering around the building with her husband offer to call security for us. The experience proved to be pretty amusing. The location overall was much larger than the Microsoft Office in Waukesha and should definitely be considered for the .NET users group and proved to be a very suitable location for the WI-WUG.

Glitches aside, it was an excellent first meeting. I look forward to the next one on the 28th featuring Larry Boettger speaking about Real World Security Threats and What You Can Do About Them with special guests from Microsoft.

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Verizon and Lies

Via the Remaindered Links comes a good story of Verizon and customer care. I can't vouch that this is real information, but it sure is amusing. First comes the post of the "Lies Verizon DSL Support Has Told Me Today" and then "Lies I Have Told Verizon DSL Support Today". If you've ever had a customer care problem, this should humor you a little.

Google Maps and a Stealth Bomber

Google (and probably Keyhole before) is giving away a nice shot of a stealth bomber via their satellite images in Google Maps. It should be blurred out because it's a military base, but I guess they missed it. Take a look while it lasts.

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Craig High School Graduation Parties

I've created a web page for all the Craig High School graduation parties. I seem to be adding them at a pace of about five per day, hopefully that picks up before it's too late. We have a class of somewhere around 450 so I would like to see quite a few more up there. I made this page knowing that in the past they have put a calendar up at school, but that is meaningless come June 9th when school is over. Plus this way we can all have access to the cool Google Maps directions to each others houses if we don't know where something is. It has been a fun, simple, and (I feel) valuable project to create over the past week. I look forward to packing the list with more names over the next few days.

Feel free to come to my party on the 25th if you're in the Janesville area, I would love to have you.


Transparency at Best Buy

Best Buy moved into Janesville just over a year ago and I have some mixed feelings about it. It makes it hard for some of the smaller computer businesses in town to compete and it somehow seems to lead to the start of many technology-centric false rumors that make it around to me. On the positive side it gives me access to a lot of technology items should I not want to wait for something to ship via an online order.

One of the things I really don't like about Best Buy though is how they hassle you. Can I get a sticker or something that says, "I know what I'm looking for, please leave me alone." I get a hello at the door, and I better not stop to look at any section for too long. The minute you stand for just a minute the employees are onto you asking you all kinds of questions about if you're finding everything or if you need any help. I'm sure this is helpful to some people, but not to me. Let me pick up a "I'll come to you" sticker at the door or something, just please let me shop without being harassed.

The worst part of my Best Buy experience comes when I'm attempting to buy something. They always ask for my phone number. Being the person I am, I make up a different number every time to give to them. I imagine they use the number to identify frequent shoppers, geographic makeup, market penetration, and the like, but I can only guess. I've asked the cashiers a few times what they're up to with my data and no one seems to really know. I'm typically wanting to leave after being hounded by "team members" for the duration of my visit to the store so I have never stuck along to ask a manager what they really do with the data. I wish Best Buy would tell me what they're doing instead of doing the big brother thing and just taking it.

I'm sure other stores do this same thing, Best Buy is just where I notice it. Does anyone else out there think these practices are slightly customer unfriendly?


Miller Park

Miller Park
Originally uploaded by compujeramey.
I was pretty impressed with how this turned out. I took it while walking from the parking lot to the stadium last night. My good luck continued as the Brewers went on to down the Houston Astros 3-0.

I apologize to those of you subscribing via RSS, you're seeing this twice. If you're not subscribing to my blog via RSS, you really should. You get this blog, my flickr photos, and my postings delivered to you instead of you having to come here and check this site. Sign-up now at Bloglines or check out any other RSS aggregator, it's easy and will save you so much time.

Nokia Unveils Internet Tablet

In what I think is a pretty neat move, Nokia has released the N770 Internet Tablet designed to enable the user to get online via Wi-Fi or a bluetooth connection (think cell phone in your pocket). CNET has a nice review up and I think after just reading about the device in a few different places that I have to agree with their feelings towards the device. It's interesting to see this kind of offering by Nokia, I don't think of them as a PDA manufacturer typically. It's not a device I would buy however with it's current feature set (read the review). The N770 seems too limited to me in file formats and software availability, but it may be great for a casual user that is looking to have a PDA with web access via Wi-Fi instead of relying on their cell phone providers high data charges and slow speeds. I'm pleased to see that the device runs in landscape mode. After having my new PDA (Dell Axim x50v) for only a few weeks now I can say that landscape mode makes a world of difference in my productivity because I can read everything so much faster and hold the device so much easier. Nokia, keep up the good work, innovation and competetion are good.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


School, work, and women. They all get the best of you. They've kept me real busy lately along with a trip to Milwaukee on Tuesday and another tomorrow. Check back in here Saturday, I hope to have all kinds of stuff up.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Can't Hardly Wait

So Betsy and I got together tonight at her house to watch Can't Hardly Wait. We both went in not really knowing what the movie was about and were quite surprised when we found out. The movie starts out with these two hanging out and we were sitting there trying to figure out their relationship. Turns out they used to date in middle school and were going to just sit at home together instead of going to this graduation party. Ironically, that's exactly how Betsy and I are, used to date in middle school and now are sitting together watching a movie. That led to a good few minutes of laughter and then things were back to normal. Can't Hardly Wait was okay, I think it would have been better had we not talked through most of it. The evening ended when I told Betsy around 10:00 P.M. that we had marching band practice bright and early in the morning and she realized she had forgotten about it. She had that nice "oh crap" look on her face, and being the nice guy that I am and knowing that she is quite the sleeper, I headed home to write this blog entry.

I can't hardly wait for the school year to be over. A few prom pictures are online, if you're into that kind of thing.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Xbox 360 Games You Won't See

Here is a couple of Xbox 360 games you won't be seeing courtesy of The Joy of Tech.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Secrets and Transparency

If there is one thing that drives me crazy it's secrets. I feel they're a great way to ruin friendships and create bad relationships, and I'm not talking strictly dating. If there is one thing you can learn from the internet it's transparency. Transparency is my internet value of late 2004/early 2005 that I practiced. I attempted and continue to to lay my life out there for others to observe, not worrying about hiding anything. I didn't feel I have anything to hide. The experiment went over real well, people were able to stay in touch with me and I was able to avoid repeating myself over and over. I didn't break into personal details ever, I didn't feel I had to in order to keep people in touch with what is going on. I was able to get my feelings out there, without violating the privacy of my friends nor violating what I felt I need as privacy.

My NDA theme of a previous post was not designed to be a secret, more a pause to insure the truth would make it to the internet instead of assumed fact. If you're curious about what I'm really going to announce shoot me an email, call me, or talk to me in person, I don't intend for it to be a secret.

But back to my point....

I've been with too many people lately that have made me feel like I'm in middle school again. A lot of blatant "I have a secret and I'm not telling you" kind of statements. People, being a few of my friends, that I feel I'm open with it, that I know I'm open with. When I find out later what it is, I wonder why they're keeping the secrets, it's nothing to be secret about. I guess I don't understand the need. Perhaps it's my style of thinking and addiction to information, darn the internet for instilling demand for instant information gratifaction. The not knowing factor makes me feel distant from the person and I question my friendship because of the secrecy. There is a feeling of security I get when I know what my friends are up to, how they feel about things, and what's new in their lives. I don't want/demand total disclosure because they have a right to privacy, but they should not flaunt that they're not telling me something.

Blogs such as Dave Winer's Scripting News are great examples of transparency. I get Dave Winer's thoughts and opinions without a feeling that he's holding back secrets. I know a lot about Dave without having to have him expose anything personal, it's that kind of transparency that I value. Many others do display a level of transparency, but Dave I feel does it best consistently.

I'll attempt to define transparency as intelligent honesty. Transparency is a way of giving constructive feedback, logical disclosure, and your honest opinion. You don't have to share when you went to the bathroom, that you're mad at your mom, or that you think your boss is a jerk. You, as the intelligently honest person, can choose to give feedback, provide information to others on yourself, and share your viewpoint. No one should hold your feet to the fire as long as you're being transparent. The only feet held to the fire should be those who aren't practicing transparency, and please call me out on it when I'm not being transparent.

So, take two things with you.

   1. In the Jeramey School of Thought, transparency enables you to build rich relationships
   2. If you feel inclined to keep secrets, don't let others know that you're keeping them.

Transparency the anit-BS.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005


A quick test post using PocketBlogger on the new Axim.

PDAs and USB

Why with all the power of PocketPCs and Palm devices is there no ability for me to just plug in my USB flash drive and use that as a storage device? I can already do this with my desktop and laptop computers why not my PDA?

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Dell Axim Crisis

Dear Michael Dell and/or Kevin Rollins,

I write this open letter to you with a concern over what I feel was an injustice done to me by your call center employees. Last Sunday you ran a remarkable sale allowing me to purchase a Dell Axim x50v with a retail price of $806 including all the accessories I wanted for the end price of $475.36. I was downright amazed. I placed my order within minutes of hearing about the sale, knowing I was already looking to get a PocketPC to switch over from the Palm OS.

My problem occurred when I had accidentally selected only a two-year Complete Care Accidental Damage package to complement my three-year Limited Warranty. I did not notice this until I received an email from someone in your company asking me to call about my order. I willingly did so on the 11th, hoping this would be a quick fix for whatever my problem was. I was told by someone in one of your call centers named Michelle that I was unable to order the unmatched warranties and that she would bump my Complete Care Accidental Damage package up to three years at the cost of nine dollars more to my original order. This call only took twenty minutes and I was told that my order would be shipping on Friday. I was all set and ready to go again, nine more dollars for the Dell Axim x50v and the accessories I order is still an amazing deal.

Crisis hit when I finally received my package yesterday. UPS had left a note on my door that they had attempted to deliver and no one was home to sign for it, they would try again on Monday. In my excitement I called UPS and arranged a pickup that night. I got the device home, had a few things to do, and then come midnight it was just me and my brand new Dell Axim x50v. To my absolute horror none of my accessories were on the packing list nor were they in the box. I immediately called the Dell support number and was redirected to head to your online chat service. My hope was that you had forgotten to include a shipping number with my order status online and that my accessories were on the way.

I entered into a conversation with a Dell Representative going by the name of Roger (really Rudranil) and explained to him my problem. He went back and checked my order, which was placed by Michelle over the phone on the 11th. He said there was no accessories on the list. I told him that all Michelle had told me was that my price had increased by nine dollars, she didn't not tell me she wasn't going to use all my coupons and take off a bunch of my accessories. I have proof of my original order in multiple emails, but Roger did not want to have anything to do with this. After going back and forth from 12:58 A.M. until after 2:30 A.M. Roger said he was able to send me my screen protectors and 3D game bundle for free as a customer care package. He also could give me a coupon for $50. Great I thought, I'm finally getting somewhere... almost. I went to look at the prices of my items. My spare battery that I had originally ordered and I feel that I paid for was going to cost me $99, the headset was going to cost me $29.00, and my RhinoSkin Aluminum HardCase was going to cost me $34.95. I thought okay, this really is theft. I was told I had paid for these items, I have receipt for these items, but I can't get these items. According to my original invoice I had paid for all of this stuff, Michelle had decided to remove all my accessories and not tell me during our phone conversation. According to what Michelle had told me on the phone I had paid for all of this stuff. According to the package in my hand and Roger on the web, I was getting a great deal from him because I hadn't really paid for these items. I had to cut my losses finally because I was extremely frustrated and leave the battery off of my order. I ordered the headset and aluminum case and used my $50 off coupon from Roger. The order came to $20.43. So now I'm out a ton of my time, a spare battery, $20.43, and I have lost all respect for Dell Customer Care. I have the complete conversation saved between Roger and myself if someone is interested in that.

Michael and Kevin something needs to happen to prevent these situations from happening. Please do something to fix this. You're the people with the power, please do something to do fix this situation. Feel free to call me with any questions, I have plenty of suggestions.

Jeramey Jannene

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

WI. Net Users Group - Event Review

This month's presenter for the Wisconsin .NET Users Group was Matthew Deiters who presented on the topic of "Design Patterns in .NET". The meeting was held at the Microsoft office in Waukesha, Wisconsin as usual, except the crowd was big enough this time to put people in the hallway outside the room. I don't want to steal any of Matt's thunder, because he did a good job, but as a group we've been building close to a situation like this for the past few meetings. I guess the large crowds and their continued growth is a sign that .NET development is really taking off in the Milwaukee area?

Going into the presentation I really didn't know all that much about what design patterns really are. I had heard them talked about plenty often, but hadn't had the basics explained to me. After Matthew Deiters was done, I left with a solid framework of what they were, how I was already using a few of the patterns, and how I could implement more. He also has me wanting to read a book he made reference to as the "Gang of Four". Matt gave a real good presention and I thought he handled audience questions real well. I felt a little off the deep end at first, but thanks to an audience question I gained a good footing of what design patterns really are and also what they are not. I definitely wouldn't mind having Matt present again. He demonstrated an incredible passion for the topic, which can usually make or break a speaker at an event such as this.

Overall the event was a success. A couple of things added up to another worthwhile trip to Milwaukee. The free pizza and pop courtesy of Serlio Software is always a plus. Brian Tinkler tried to give me the keys to his brand new 2005 Mustang when I got there, but I graciously refused his offering. Hopefully we won't be moving our meeting place to UW-Milwaukee as that would easily add another 20 minutes to my already hour long drive. On the other hand the UW-Milwaukee move would also be a plus in a few months when I'm going to school 10 minutes down the road and don't have a car to commute out to the suburbs. I wouldn't oppose the move if it came down to being the only way we can ensure everyone a seat in the room the presenter is in.

If you're in the Milwaukee area there are a couple exciting things coming up in the next month. The Milwaukee Nerd Dinner is on June 6th, I won't be there because of the Brewer game, but you should go if you're interested in technology. Also, Chris Mayo, the Midwest .NET Developer Evangelist, announced that Microsoft would be offering a free bus down to the Visual Studio 2005 DevCon in Rosemont, Illinois. I won't be on the bus, as it's easier for me to head south then to go north first. Watch the Wisconsin .Net Users Group site for more details or shoot me an email (contact info on the right). I'm going to give the Wisconsin Windows User Group grand opening meeting a shot on May 24th, anyone want to come with? It's up at UW-Miluwakee and they're giving away Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft OneNote to everyone who registers and attends.

Casey Chestnut is presenting next month at the next Wisconsin .Net Users Group meeting on June 14th at 7:00 P.M. Hope to see you there.

On another note, why is it a users group, we're developers?

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Cap and Gown

The cap and gown are in my possession. Graduation comes for me the 9th, say goodbye to high school and hello to college. So many things are going on right now, but I'm holding off until 9th to talk about them. Like podcasting god Adam Curry, I'm doing my own version of "No Damned Announcements".

I spent 20 minutes on the phone with a lady from Dell last night, there was a problem with the order of my new Axim. After the issue with my CompleteCare warranty was fixed (an apparent mistake on my end) I was told it will ship tomorrow. Can't wait to get that in. Look for reviews of that device and my new Motorola v551 coming sometime soon.

Hopefully, if you attend or work at a school, your year is wrapping up on a high note. I look forward to seeing those of you that are at college as you return home. Too those of you that don't have summer jobs, consider yourself lucky.

Jessica and Liz

A quick test of the ability to send photos from my phone to Blogger.

John on The Drums

Me drumming
Originally uploaded by johndawg.
An amazing shot of John Reddell playing the drums at last week's Craig High School Talent Show.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Up and Running

We are up and running on my new Motorola v551 and the best part is the lack of the old Cingular footer from my mobile posts.

Test Post

A test post from my new phone.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Wake Up!

Originally uploaded by rustyrabbit.
Wake up, it's Monday morning. Hurray to the start of one of my last weeks of high school.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Wal-Mart On Location

A post from inside Wal-Mart while I wait for the parents. Why do all of these stores smell the same?


Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer

My Converse Shoes are Famous

The Janesville Gazette in their Saturday "Connected" section ran a story about advanced inventions like cloning costing big bucks. The story isn't the important part, the important is the shoes in the picture. They had a picture of guy with a build similar to me flying through space and he had some great shoes on. Green Conversve All Stars, the exact pair I wear in the winter to avoid the snow. The most important part is that he didn't have any socks exposed above the shoes, just his shins.

I point this out because many of you out there laugh at me and how it appears that I'm not wearing socks when I wear those shoes. You say how no one else does it. It's now clear that while no one else does it, they've at least made a cartoon guy do it. See, I'm not alone anymore. Not only am I not alone, but my somewhat imaginery friend is even in the newspaper. So yeah, take that people that make fun of my shoes. Either way, it's amusing that they chose green Converse All Stars without socks to show in the picture, perhaps they patterned it after me?


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Terry Porter is Back

The Milwaukee Bucks have brought back coach Terry Porter for another year. Many of you know that I haven't been a big Terry Porter supporter. The Bucks sure were plagued by plenty of problems outside of Porter's control this year and are lacking a few pieces to be a true title contender, but I'm not seeing what Porter is doing to really help this problem. My single biggest complaint is that when I watch the Bucks play, Porter never substitutes players in and out unless he has to. This creates all kinds of awkward offensive sets for the team along with numerous defensive problems. For all the problems the Bucks have faced, I haven't seen Terry Porter bringing enough to the table to counteract the teams' shortfalls.

Two assistants were fired along with the announcement of Porter remaining with the team. Jerome Kersey and Mike Schuler have been let go by General Manager Larry Harris, who says the team needs different voices. Maybe this will bring about changes to Porter's coaching styles? I can only hope.

For the Bucks to win next year I feel they need a few changes. They need dominant play and dominant minutes from a big man, someone who can force defenses to actually play defense against the Bucks in the post. We haven't seen Zaza or Gadzuric get enough minutes to really develop into this kind of player, either bring someone in (via the draft most likely) or develop these talents fast. Once the Bucks re-sign Michael Redd, they need to rebuild their offensive structure. Big play from a big man, along with an offense truly based around Michael Redd will allow the Bucks to stretch defenses and get maximum production from Joe Smith, Desmond Mason, and others. Along with a motivator to get the team fired up on defense, the Bucks could be looking at going far in the playoffs once again.

When I watch the Bucks, I don't see Redd getting enough plays called for him and in-turn enough touches on the ball. A team searching for an identity needs to be able to get on the back of a star player, someone you can count on night in, night out. Michael Redd is this player, he has arguably the NBA's greatest jump shot and is capable of putting the ball in the basket everytime he touches the ball. Once Michael Redd has the ball in his hands and is recognized as the focal point of the offense, they can work on distributing the ball to players like Desmond Mason and Joe Smith, who can create with the ball. The problem right now is that teams know Redd is the focal point, but he doesn't have the ball in his hands enough to stretch defenses. Get those role players subbing in and out of the game, and you've got a lot of flash and slash to compliment the sweet shooting Redd.

If you need any help with this Terry Porter, don't hesitate to give me a call. My phone number is listed right on this page, and I would love to volunteer my time for the 41 home games next year since I'll be only a few blocks away at MSOE next year. Please, just make my beloved Bucks reach the playoffs.

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Brewer Game Recap

Another review of another Brewer Game. If you're not a baseball fan, might as well move on.

The Milwaukee Brewers played host to the New York Mets last night at Miller Park. As dictated by the Jannene Constitution of Professional Baseball, tailgating is a must. Superb brats were provided by one Chris Burrow, Langan steped up with the grill, and myself with the chips and pop. A great meal it was, nothing beats a few Johnsonville Brats before a big game, and a big game this was. There was eleven of us in total by the time we were ready to head in for the game.

The Brewers had a decent amount on the line for this game. A win would give them an eight-game winning streak and a chance at another series sweep. A loss would potentially send them from second to third in the National League Central Division. Doug Davis was on the mound for the Brewers vs Victor Zambrano of the Mets. Things were looking good for the Crew going into the game, especially since Overbay had a 12-game hit streak going and the team has really had the bats going as of late.

Unfortunately, after jumping out to a 1-0 lead the team began to look like the Brewers of old with Davis giving up six runs. Zambrano would fair a little better, giving up only three runs. Lyle Overbay's hitting streak, despite all the cheering I was doing for him, was snapped at 12 games. New Brewer Carlos Lee looked pretty good with an RBI double and a solo-homer both off Zambrano. When it came time to stand and deliver though, Lee came up just short.

With two out and three on in the bottom of the ninth Lee had a chance to win the game for the Brewers with what could have been a walk-off grand slam. A spectacular finish it would have been, but three ninth-inning victories in a row was just too good to be true. With two strikes Lee ended the game with a fly ball to left field. Overall, I was still very impressed with his efforts, along with the batting performance of the rest of the team. Anytime the Brewers put four runs on the board they should have a chance to win.

After all was said and done this time, it was another great fan experience at Miller Park. Perhaps it's because I'm slowly becoming a baseball fanatic, perhaps it's the smell of beer in the air (that I ironically don't even drink), or maybe it's the brats in my stomach, but nothing is better than a trip to Milwaukee to see the Brewers.

- My photos on Flickr from the game.
- ESPN Game Recap

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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Today is (and soon was) 05-05-05. Did you celebrate? You're going to have to wait until June next year.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Microsoft Guitar

Must they brand every product they see? Actually, that's pretty sweet. I want a Jeramey brand guitar.

Oh the power of Flickr and its ability to help me find crazy pictures using the tagging system.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Outlook Express Problems

John C. Dvorak has a new column up from PC Magazine in which he details a laundry list of problems with Outlook Express. If you're still using Outlook Express, don't. Stop now while you still can. I've had plenty of experience with Outlook and Thunderbird and they're both millions of times better, use them, please.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Left vs Right

I try to maintain a fairly balanced diet of the left vs right spin of the news, however I'm having a problem. While I've had an easy time finding leftist viewpoints on issues, because it's my point of view, I can't find any decent right wing sources for information that are not too over the top. I don't want to see someone complaining about cry baby liberals, I just want them to report/talk on the news as it applies to the conservative viewpoint. If you have any blogs, news sites, newspapers, TV shows, or radio shows that are of a decent quality and conservative let me know, I want to balance my diet.

My goal in this is that I'm exposed to both viewpoints and able to choose my opinion based upon knowing both sides of the story. I feel that I've done a decent job of this in the past, but I'd like to find some more right-wing opinions to give me more of their side of the story.

The reason I bring this up is because I often listen to Charlie Sykes on 620 WTMJ on my way home for lunch, but he's too over the top for my taste. I decided today I won't be listening to him anymore. Maybe it's because my own views are far left, but I just can't stand his constant negativity towards others.

Hopefully someone out there has something good for me. What do you think? Should I be only be paying attention to one side of fence?