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Thursday, June 30, 2005

My Brat Crisis

So I'm re-heating two brats this morning for lunch. Normally I go grab buns from the cupboard as this spin round and round in the microwave. Today I was not so lucky, the hot dog buns were all gone. There were plenty of burger buns though and judging by the fact that I had ten minutes to be to work (I eat in the car on the way there) I figured that the burger buns would have to do. I realized right then that I had something great in front of me. I could one up the cardiac arrest (burger and brat in the same bun) by placing two brats in one burger bun. Once they were smothered in ketchup they were simply wonderful. I suggest you try it.

Learn about the Creative Commons

There is a fun little video online explaining how the Creative Commons works. The Creative Commons is all about the ability to share your media online and download the media of others (think: free music). The video makes it easy to understand the Creative Commons for a first-time Commoner. If you're Andrew Mellem, watch this video, it reminded me of something you would make.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bogut's A Buck

The Milwaukee Bucks drafted Andrew Bogut last night, which is exactly what they should have done. The Bucks Draft Party at the Bradley Center was pretty cool. They had the scoreboard lowered and all kinds of activities for kids going on. Joe Smith, Desmond Mason, and Mo Williams were in attendance, and it was amusing to watch a bunch of NBA players start laughing and pointing at their names when they appeared on ESPN being played over the scoreboard. Minutes later confetti was everywhere as NBA Head Honcho David Stern announced Andrew Bogut as the Bucks number one picked. Shortly there after Sparks and I had to leave to catch the Windows User Group meeting ten miles down the road, but we stayed long enough to enjoy the celebration and for me to catch a little Bucks ball thrown to me by a cheerleader. If only she had written her phone number on the ball too. Next up, the re-signing of Michael Redd and the hiring of Flip Saunders as the Bucks head coach.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

My Watchlist on Wikipedia

The My Watchlist feature of the Wikipedia is pretty nice. You can easily keep track of the edits to your favorite pages and other pages you have edited over time. I just wish I could subscribe to that list in RSS. After a quick search of the Internet it appears I'm not alone.



I've become moderately addicted to editing the Wikipedia again lately. It feels like I'm being productive when I'm able to contribute to an article. I've started a few articles on my own, noticing holes in the encyclopedia. Even if you're not interested in helping build an encyclopedia piece by piece I suggest you definitely use the Wikipedia whenever you can.

As a longtime reader of SLAM magazine I was able to list a few of the players that have graced the cover of the magazine over the years last Friday. I look at the page yesterday and notice that someone has come by and completed the list. I was impressed. I'm not sure if they would have done that had I not started the list. Either way, it's the little pieces that you can add to the Wikipedia that will make it a more complete resource.

Here's my profile page for whatever it's worth.


T.J. Ford is Back

T.J. Ford is back my friends. The speedy point guard by way of Texas will be blocks away from me next year helping lead the Milwaukee Bucks to the promised land. An story today reports that "Ford's prognosis excellent for normal career", better news could not have come. Ford is going to play it safe still this summer and will rejoin his fellow Bucks in full contact drills come training camp.

More great news to follow tomorrow night as the Milwaukee Bucks have the first pick in the NBA draft and will select Andrew Bogut. Bogut is going to be the seven-foot anchor that will open up the court for Michael Redd, Desmond Mason, and T.J. Ford to dominate. Excellent news out of Milwaukee tonight and I can only hope for more tomorrow.

On a side note I will be at the Bradley Center tomorrow night for about an hour before heading a few miles up the road to the Windows User Group meeting. It's a free party at the Bradley Center and I would recommend going if you're a Bucks fan and want to watch the draft with fellow fans. More details....

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Friday, June 24, 2005


Was digging through my unread magazine pile trying to clear it out and I found an article in eWeek from April 4 containing a tool I should definitely create a post about. GooglePreview is an awesome plug-in for Firefox that shows you a thumbnail of what each search result looks like on Google. The thumbnail is pulled from either or It doesn't work with 100% percent of the results, but it does a pretty impressive job. It's a definite way to add a lot of value with a real small tweak.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Terry Porter Fired

I received some excellent news yesterday. The Milwaukee Bucks have fired Terry Porter. I had in a previous post expressed that I wasn't pleased to find that he was going to come back again for the coming season. So this is good, a new coach next year.

Better yet, the Milwaukee Bucks won the first pick in the 2005 NBA Draft next Tuesday with only a 6.3 percent chance. They're going to be able to draft a new big man in Andrew Bogut, resign Michael Redd, have a healty T.J. Ford, a new coach (probably a veteran of the league) and become instant playoff contenders. Better news yet, they're going lots of free agent money available to attract a high-caliber player this year or next year. The Bucks are back in town and I'm pumped.

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Visual Studio 2005

The C# Corner Newsletter tells me that Visual Studio 2005 will be released on November 7th, 2005, awesome. I've been very impressed with the beta 2 copy I have right now, it's definitely a user interface improvement over Visual Studio 2003.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Rory vs the Liars

Rory Blyth formerly of .NET Rocks fame, had an encounter with a lying mechanic. He took the poor mechanic to school with his nerdy power of wifi. It's great to see people held to honesty because of technologies such as Smartphones and wifi. May geeks inherit the Earth.

Read the full story at his site.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Batman Begins - Review

The illustrious Chris Burrow asked me if I wanted to go see Batman Begins tonight, I couldn't refuse. I almost went to the midnight showing in Madison earlier in the week with Mellem, Perry, and Charlie, however I declined figuring it would be a little much to drive from Janesville to Milwaukee (for the .NET meeting) and then over to Madison for the movie. I was wrong, I should have gone then.

THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME. I'm not going to babble about the details because I'm in no way a Batman expert. I would 100%recommend you go see the movie. If you've never seen a Batman movie before, it doesn't matter. This one doesn't feel (look or sound) like the other Batman movies, a definite plus since the recent ones were dismal in my opinion. The movie is a prequel to the series making Batman Begins a great place to get your first taste of Batman. If you have already seen a Batman movie, you'll appreciate this movie as it helps to complete the story.

The movie starts with you feeling like you're in the wrong movie. About an hour in, if you're still lost, it will all come together and make sense for you. I didn't really enjoy that part, but it's important to the plot. If you're looking for the butt kicking wait until the end, it's there.Definitely worth every penny (800 of them in my case).

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Flickr to Add Printing Service

Flickr, my favorite online photo sharing website, is finally going to add a photo printing service to their offerings. It's about time. Looks like they're going to be printed into bound books according to the story at I can't wait to see how it turns out.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Buy Food, Get Free Root Beer Float

On June 20th, the Second Annual National Float Day, A&W Restauraunts will give away a free Root Beer Float with any purchase from 2:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. I'm definitely going to try and be there, you should too. More details.

Speicla thanks to David Moe for the pointer to this one.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Sith Sense

Think you're better than Darth Vader? Prove it with The Sith Sense.


Wisconsin .NET User Group - Event Review

YADNUGR (Yet Another Dot Net User Group Review), wahoo another acronym!

Tonight Casey Chestnut presented wonderfully on the Tablet PC at the
Congratulations go out to Group President
Brian Tinkler and his new son Brock. Brock decided to come out earlier today so our fearless leader was unable to make the meeting tonight. Best of luck to him and all the diaper changing in his future.


Monday, June 13, 2005

New Idea

Just got home from Wanninger's house and we're on to something big. It involves TV, Nintendo 64 (or any video game system), tiki torches, chairs, dark warm nights, and lots of fun. More on it tomorrow though as I hash out some fun idea for the event name, or something of that nature.

Update: So what really happened last night...

We went outside in Charlie's backyard and played video games. Simple enough, yes. But it's made better by the fact that you can play your old Nintendo 64 games with tiki torches all around you. Plus the pleasant chirping of whatever is lurking in the weird field by Charlie's house adds to the aroma (he has some small lot behind his house that is surrounded on all sides by neighbor's homes). For whatever reason the gaming atmosphere when playing outside is significantly better. It's a real relaxing experience.

We're going to be doing it again at some point, you should give it a try. A word to the wise though, Mountain Dew and Nutty Bars would work great with this kind of entertainment.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Warning! High school graduation will consume you. The parties will make you eat nonstop and spend time with your friends. Worst-case scenario, those friends will make you dance. When you get lucky though those people you're dancing with will be beautiful women. Either way, it results in a lack of time to update your website.

If you're in the Janesville area, make sure to join the fun with the Craig High School Class of 2005 Graduation Party List. Roughty 25% of our class is on there now, which means the project has been rather successful. Take out those that aren't having graduation parties for friends and we're batting a pretty high percentage. I know I still have a few to put up there, make sure I don't miss yours.

Normal programming will return on Monday, I hope.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hello to Gazette Visitors

For those of you coming over from the Janesville Gazette the post referenced in the article can be found here. While you're here please feel free to stick around for a while.

Brewers Win!

The Brewers pulled off a series opening win over the New York Yankees. It is the Yankees first trip to Milwaukee in eight years (they're in different leagues now). Burrow, Weins, Langan and myself had some awesome front row terrace level seats inbetween first base and home plate. I'm going to avoid recapping the whole game here, you can read about it at It was a good time to be had for all, we tailgated both before and after the game. We've wised up now, we have come to the conclusion that it's better to grill more brats and enjoy some Mountain Dew rather than waiting in traffic for an hour after sellout games. This game improved our record on the year to 2 and 2 and puts my all-time Milwaukee Brewer win percentage somewhere around .800. Next up, June 20th vs the Cubs.

Pictures from the game can be found on my Flickr account if you're into that kind of thing.

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The Sony PSP Runs Windows?

Originally uploaded by tienmao.
Interesting shot. This is something I'm sure you don't see when you boot up your real Sony PSP. I'm always happy to see people quick enough to catch moments like these.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Busy Busy Baseball

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been busy cruising about the midwest. I was in Chicago last Wednesday for the Visual Studio Dev Con (review coming later), Fort Atkinson Friday night to watch the Cougars beat Fort in baseball, Burlington on Saturday to watch the lady Cougars take on Kenosha in the sectional final soccer game (they would unfortunately lose in the closing minutes), and finally tonight I'll be at Miller Park to watch the Brewers take on the Yankees in interleague play. Today is my last real day of school at Craig High School and so this is my last lunch time post. Graduation is on Thursday night, I can't wait.

Lots of announcements and the like still to come just have to make it through this week.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Small Is The New Big

Seth Godin has a post up about how big used to matter. He discusses how the economics of big have failed, while the efficiency of small is coming to dominate more and more. I definitely recommend you read the post.

If you're not aware of Seth Godin he's a marketing genius and writer. He combines those two skills to create awesome books related to your business. Apply his theories and I'm sure you'll be better off.