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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bob the Millionaire Pirate

Excellent story about how Bob the Millionaire becomes a pirate because he wants to watch TV. I can't wait for downloadable TV shows that are legal.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Facebook and Birthdays

Birthdays and the Facebook make an excellent match. Being that it was my birthday yesterday (25th), the wall in my profile was decorated with birthday wishes from friends from all over the country. The nice thing about the Facebook is when you login it shows you all upcoming birthdays for people you're marked as "friends" with. This is a purely voluntary process to give away your birthday, but when you do all your friends are updated when it becomes close. For Janesville-ites on the Facebook it's become more or less tradition to leave messages on friend's walls when their birthday rolls around. Now this does encourage laziness in remembering birthdays even more than writing on your calendar does, I'm well aware. This however is a great use of social networking to easily remind your friends that it's your birthday, effortlessly. It's nice to get messages on your birthday, they make you feel good.


Fire Alarm

So the fire alarm went off twice today at the RWJ dorm at MSOE. It went off earlier this year, however I wasn't around for that one. I managed to miss one of them today when I was out to eat for my birthday, so I got lucky once. It's been raining all day long in Milwaukee, so that made it even more interesting. There wasn't any last year, so a few of the older kids are just a little mad. So yes, my first fire alarm of the year was a lot of fun. It was a great chance to get a workout in going from the seventh floor to the ground and back up again without the friendly elevator.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Political Views

You are a

Social Liberal
(76% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(35% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Friday, September 23, 2005

New Palm Devices

Mobile Review has an article up about the new Palm devices about to come out and a quick summary of what has been going on with the Palm company. I see the tranisition to a Micorosft Windows Mobile based Treo as a move that is going to save the company. With the switch to Windows from the Palm OS there is going to be a lot more support for applications, especially the free ones. When I was using my Palm Zire 71 (which I loved for the most part) there wasn't anything in terms of applications. Sure there was plenty of applications out there, but they all had mixed reviews and cost more money. I'm cheap, when I buy a device I don't want to pay for more stuff. The move to Windows I think is a smart one that is going to save Palm. This ulitmately led to my switch to the Dell Axim x50v PocketPC. I would have definitely bought a Treo as an upgrade from my Palm Zire 71 if it had ran a version of Windows.

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Spazzstick Caffeinated Lip Balm

ThinkGeek now has available caffeinated lip balm, which I think is a one-up of their caffeinated soap. Who needs pop (or coffee) when you can just put it on your lips?

Upon further review I also see that they have caffeinated hot sauce, now that's hot.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Godin on Billboards

Seth Godin has an excellent post up about billboards and a thought on if they actually work. I myself have often wondered why there are so many billboards for things that aren't for sale immediately. Mercy Health Systems advertising to the same commuters everyday from Milton to Janesville isn't going to sell heart surgery. In my opinion if you can't put "next exit" on the sign, then you shouldn't be paying for it.

Update: A few posts later (as I read through my RSS feeds) Godin posts a picture of some billboard irony.

He Does It Again

Originally uploaded by lhunter05.
Kyle Stevens is amazing. I'm sitting up last night at 2:00 A.M. after being woken up by the thunder thinking, "I hope Kyle is getting this storm too." Well, it turns out he did. I've come to learn that thunder is completely different in a downtown area. It seems almost twice as loud with the massive buildings amplifying the noise and the echo goes on for quite some time.

A job well done Lightning Hunter.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pittsburgh via PNC Park

Pittsburgh via PNC Park (b&w)
Originally uploaded by btezra.
I never realized that PNC Park was such a beautiful stadium. If there was anything to inpsire a road trip to Pittsburgh, this would be it. PNC Park must create quite the fan experience, as will the new St. Louis park.

The view from these seats is impressive enough that I couldn't let it be just another image on Flickr.


If you don't like how the President handled the Katrina situation in New Orleans was handled here is a picture from Mitch Ratcliffe to lift your spirits. You'll laugh, I promise.

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When thou is computing thou shall remember the Tech Commandments.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Internet

Thinking about my last post and all the things that I use the Internet for. I was just blown away by thought. I use AIM to talk to friends across the country, Flickr to share photos with the friends and the world, RSS to monitor the news, Bit Torrent to timeshift the TV shows I want to watch, the Wikipedia to share knowledge with the world, podcasting (the iPodder lemon client and iTunes) to receive news and all kinds of other good shows, and my blog to communicate what's going in my world. Almost all of those technologies is radically different from what I was doing four years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I was able to get only a few tv shows online and never consistently. RSS, Bit Torrent, podcasting, and a wiki would have all been new to me. Blogging and using AIM were about the only things I would have been doing/using on a daily basis. Sure I was creating my own pages to share photos with and was creating my own pages to form some kind of static wiki, but that stuff wasn't nearly as cool as what's going on now.

The Internet is amazing and I am thankful for that. This post should be fun to revisit in four more years.

MSOE and the Internet

I attend Milwaukee School of Engineering. You think at a school with a name like that and a solid reputation of having smart people in attendance would be able to keep the Internet online 99.999% of the time. It's been down at least four times in September already. This is quite the disturbing trend for someone who lives on the cloud (me!).

Sadly it appears my floor has a lot of trouble with the Internet going down more than any other floor. Two of the times it has gone down it has been for just my floor. We're apparently overwhelming the switch that our floor plugs into.

Okay, I'm done venting now. I really love it here and the Internet access is essentially unrestricted which is rare in universities these days. I suppose I can deal with a little downtime every now and then as long as things are improving. Back to surfing the web on the 38 megabit connection.



The best blog entry I've seen about Katrina to date. It's a first-hand account of what happened to two people and the HUGE FAILURE of the recovery effort that they encountered. I would put it up there as a must read, especially if you're a law enforcement employee.

Do you think it's a true story? I'm believing it's true, but it's almost too horrible to be real.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Last Night's Storm

Originally uploaded by lhunter05.
For those of you wondering what the storm looked like last night here's a shot from Sandburg South at UW-Milwaukee. Kyle Stevens does some amazing work with photography and I'm glad he was able to capture this storm. They call him Lightning Hunter for a reason.

For those that are curious I live downtown by those tall buildings.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Don't forget that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Meebo = Awesome!

AIM Express is dead. Meebo is an AJAX-based instant message service. That means instead of having to pop-up an annoying window, your instant messaging is going to take place inside of your web browser. The service also supports MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger. It's just an absolutely amazing service, if you're an AIM user give it a quick try.

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Bathroom Break

Bathroom Break
Originally uploaded by Vidiot.
At a United Nations Security Council meeting President Bush was caught writing this message to our Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. The message asks, "I think I may need a bathroom break. Is this possible?" Will they ever quit fueling me with great absurd entertainment?

Reuters took the picture, so they have the full story.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Better Listings on Google (BLOG)

Jeremy Zawodny has a great post up about Google's new Blog Search feature, the spam that comes with it, and the true meaning of the word blog. Read his full post for more.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite 2

It appears insider footage of the next Napoleon Dynamite movie has been leaked and Dynamite will be giving Bill Gates a ride on his awesome bike. That or Microsoft is just having a good time at the PDC.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Microsoft Gadgets

Looks like we're going to be seeing something similar to Konfabulator built-in to Windows Vista. Cool.

Microsoft Gadgets Dot Com for more.

Number Portability

Chad Dickerson, formerly of InfoWorld and now of Yahoo, has a funny post up about the reality number portability. Looks like one of those things you might want to read before you consider porting your number to another phone.

Shutterfly 15 Free Prints + Free Shipping

It appears Shutterfly is also offering 15 free prints plus free shipping for new customers. My dorm walls definitely just will be a lot more decorated in a week.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Snapfish 20 Free Prints

Snapfish is offering 20 free digital prints for new customers. I've used the service before and had very good results. This free deal allows me to see the quality of prints they make and does make me pretty likely to be a paying customer at some point. Initially this may seem like a bad idea for Snapfish financially, but I'm going to use them the next time I buy prints of my digital prints. The free idea has definitely worked on me.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Fiber Cut

The word on the street has been confirmed that the construction crew working on rebuilding the parking lot at MSOE managed to cut through a fiber optic cable running between the dorms and the science building. Word on the street also told me that it's a redundant system, so our network performance shouldn't be affected for the time being. I'm sure this going to be a nice expensive mistake that will help aid a project that I believe is already behind schedule.

This wasn't the cause of the RWJ 7th floor losing network access today supposedly, but it does seem to correlate oddly.


Javon Walker Out

Javon Walker, the Green Bay Packers leading wide receiver, is out for the season with a torn ACL that he suffered in the third quarter of yesterday's game. This is a serious blow to the Packers and I'm going to have to revise my previous regular season record prediction to a 7-9 finish. This is going to be a rough year.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Packers

The Green Bay Packers played their first game today against the Detroit Lions. They managed not to get blown out, but they did lose 17-3. Things overall looked pretty good, they just couldn't convert at the moments they needed to most. Once they've found their regular rhythm they should prove to be a decent team. I'm going to go with an 8-8 record this year. I have no prediction of how they will end up in the division.

Yes, I'm well aware there wasn't anything truly insightful in this post.

Go Pack!


Meeka and My Laptop - From Flickr

Meeka and my laptop
Originally uploaded by halflingfrk.
Stumbled upon this picture Bethany took while I was cruising around Flickr. I didn't know that my friends have dogs that can use computers. Do you think she's downloading dog music (Who Let the Dogs Out?) or perhaps looking at some naked canines?

Friday, September 09, 2005

iTunes Not Working

We're having troubles here at MSOE getting the iTunes 5.0 installer to work on Windows. We're getting cotinual error messages about it being "corrupt".

Update: It appears to be working if you use the stand alone Quicktime install first and then move on to the iTunes install. You can get the standalone installer here.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hurricane Humor

The Onion coverage of Hurricane Katrina has been pretty good so far (much better than the government relief efforts). The current headline they're using is "God Outdoes Terrorists Yet Again", which yes the hurricane is sad but hey, it's pretty amusing.

The Daily Show is predicting that Bush will soon be building a new dam in Arkansas to fight the issue there, instead of here (New Orleans). Another one of those real slick attempts to divert any actual attention to the real problem. You should really watch the clip I have for you.

If you have the chance you should really do something to help the people affected by Katrina. I've been involved in a blanket donation and wrapping drive for the people at the Astrodome. I also will be involved tomorrow in a water purification packet assembly line of sorts. I don't have the money to shell out to the Red Cross, but I'm doing what I can. Do your part, every bit helps.

Watch the clip!

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Apple Stuff

A quick gut reaction on the new iPod Nano, it's cool. I'm not going to replace my iPod Shuffle with the Nano, but if I weren't so rough on my device I would use the Nano.

That new phone? Not so cool. Very expensive with a 2 year contract ($249), very limited memory, non-upgradable size. There are better options for you to play your music on your phone. Gearbits goes into more details.

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Bening Likes MSOE

Word on the blogosphere is that Bening likes MSOE too.


College felt a little bit more laid back before I had my first classes. I'm still surviving, it'll be nice to have a full week under my belt.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Crazy Me

I had this great idea that I would do three miles on a treadmill today and then my body (and the pretty girl that was also on the stationary bikes) said I should also bike four miles. So I did, now I'm feeling it in my legs. Remember kids, running is bad, especially if you haven't ran that far in years.

Google's Master Plan

Google's Master Plan
Originally uploaded by jurvetson.
No longer will I need to post about Google after I share with you this picture of their master plan.

The Cookie Chronicles

I'm happy to bring news that the students of the Roy W. Johnson dormitory at the Milwaukee School of Engineering are a little bit fatter today. After MSOE had their first ever Catholic mass on campus last night led (is that the right term?) by the Archbishop of Milwaukee and organized by the Catholic Student Association I was generously given an enormous amount of cookies that were left over from the reception.

After coming back up to the seventh floor of my dorm (RWJ) I proceeded to walk around and offer up cookies to anyone on my floor that wanted them. I then entered into my room where my roommate gave me one of those "Why do you have so many cookies?" kind of looks. We (more he, I had already ate plenty) proceeded to eat lots of cookies for a couple of hours. Finally around midnight when I was thinking about what to do with all the cookies to keep them from getting hard, I had a brilliant idea. Knowing that brilliant ideas are extremely rare in my case, I knew it was time to act. I had decided I would visit every floor on the building and offer any room with an open door free cookies.

Of course the real master plan was that I would circle the lady floors multiple times and introduce myself to all the beautiful women of MSOE. Unfortunately, it hit me that the E in MSOE is for engineering and not entertainment, so the women would be few to start with and then add in that it was Labor Day tomorrow and already 12:30 A.M. and they would be almost non-existant. I was right, after starting on the 12th floor and working my way down, I (followed by my one-sock wearing roommate) finally arrived on the lady floors (all two of them). I found one room open on each floor.

I finally managed to work my way down to the first floor and was finally able to get rid of almost all of my cookies. I handed out my last one when I returned to the seventh floor to head to bed an hour after staring this mission. I slept soundly knowing that I was able to feed everyone that was awake and meet many new (and some dare I say, exciting) people.

That concludes my story of how I dispersed of a lot of cookies really fast.

Pacific Northwest August 20th-25th

I have created a set in Flickr of my best images from my trip out to the Pacific Northwest during late August. If you're interested in viewing the raw images you can page through them by day starting with the 20th and ending with the 25th.

I haven't quite had the time to tag everything yet, so you're going to hold on if you're looking for any of that data.

Pass Christian House Before/After

Found it in the Flickr Blog. Impressive photo, sad event.

Yes I am alive and no I was not affected by the hurricane (directly).

I will be blogging in an hour or two, oh boy.