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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Web 2.0 or Long Tail?

Quick reader survey, I have a paper (actually a series) to write over the next 11 school weeks for my Technical Composition class. Do I write about the implementation of Web 2.0 technologies in the workplace and their benefit or do I write about long tail economics, how to build a business around the idea, and what businesses are currently using the model.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Milwaukee 2.0 - Episode 005

The fifth episode of Milwaukee 2.0 is now available.

As always all the information is available in the show notes, which you can add to. Feel free to email or call me if you have questions. All that information is available on the right side of BobtheKing Dot Com.

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Chase to 50: Bucks vs Mavericks

The Milwaukee Bucks played host to the Dallas Mavericks tonight. I will spend all of tomorrow in deep depression for not walking over to the game tonight. I had thought I should spend tonight catching up on things, which I did, but still just because it wasn't in my half-season package shouldn't stop me from seeing this game. Shame on myself, but hey, on the with summary.

It was a great game and made for an enjoyable one to watch on TV. Bobby Simmons, T.J. Ford, and Andrew Bogut carried the Bucks through the early quarters. Michael Redd (gasp, it's just a bruise, no fear) and Joe Smith were both out with injuries. The Mavericks were missing Jerry Stackhouse and Josh Howard, so we'll call it even in terms of losses. The Bucks are such a deep team this year that the losses didn't seem to really affect the total team production.

The fourth quarter proved to be a huge quarter. Lots of strong play from numerous people and most importantly the strong defense of Andrew Bogut on Dirk Nowitzki allowed the Bucks to wear down the Mavericks and take the game to overtime. Jason Terry had a chance to win at the end of regulation, but failed to convert thanks to strong defense by T.J. Ford.

In overtime it was almost all Bucks. Bobby Simmons scored early and often. Bogut chipped in a few and T.J. Ford had a huge three pointer to put the Bucks up by two in the very late stages of the game. Free throws by Bogut and a three pointer by Terry would make the score 112-111 with 5.1 seconds left. The Bucks inbounded to Ford who would make one of two free throws putting the Bucks up by two. A huge block by Bogut on Terry's shot at the end of the game sealed the game for the Bucks and there was much cheering and clapping from my dorm room.

T.J. Ford had a big game with a career-high 24 points. Ford, however was outdone by Andrew Bogut, who had a career-high 19 points, 14 rebounds - six of which were offensive, and two blocks. He had numerous brilliant passes, however he won't get assists for those passes because they ended up in free throws for the receiver. He played huge defense on Dirk Nowitzki tonight who only made 5 of his 22 shots from the field. Bogut has some speed, especially for his position, which will allow him to shut down scoring powerhouses like Dirk. He clearly proved why he was the number one draft pick tonight.

The shot selection was much improved tonight as was the free throw shooting. We score, we win.

Keep in mind folks that the Mavericks beat the Detroit Pistons by 37 points a few nights ago to give the Pistons their first loss of the season just a few weeks ago. We beat a very good team tonight.

The Chase to 50: 7-6, with 69 to go!

Bucks 113, Mavericks 111 - Recap

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The Milwaukee Brewers

Miller Park
Originally uploaded by compujeramey.
I made this motivational poster a couple of days ago using fd's Flickr Toys. It's about my Milwaukee Brewers and yes, I realize after this past season some of the information is no longer current, but that's a good thing.


Chase to 50: Quick Thoughts

Some quick thoughts about the Bucks.

Rebounding, wow! I can't believe we're leading the league in rebounds. I mean yes, it shows during the games, but wow, this has helped us so much.

Shooting-wise we're going to need some overall work. Most of the problems come from the shot selection, we take a lot of tough shots. Free throws are going to need some major work. A few percent points better from each player would be a big difference. We've struggled at some clutch points this year, we need to fix this.

Hey, instead of doing this, let's just run down player by player.

Charlie Bell - Your defense has clearly improved since early in the season. I like the hustle I see. A strong offensive presence deep in the bench.
Andrew Bogut - You rock, keep doing what you do. The more time you get and the more you get the ball the more impressed I am. Everything they said about your great passing and ability to run the floor is absolutely true.
T.J. Ford - Awesome start, lackluster stretch which resulted in us going 2-7. Your play has a lot to do with the success of the team. As I watch this Dalls-Milwaukee game on TV right now, you're playing well. The more you hustle, the more we win.
Reece Gaines - You're not going to get to play much. There is a reason though, everytime you've played you seem to choke. I watched you play in high school and college, you're better than this. When you get a shot sometime this season, DO SOMETHING!
Dan Gadzuric - I like the turn-around jumper, but you need to be more cautious of when you use it. I think you killed us in the Detroit game, but that shot has helped us in other games. You need to play smart when you're in the game because once Joe is back we're not going to get to see a lot of you.
Ervin Johnson - You don't play, but you look smart helping the guys out during time-outs. I'm not sure what you're saying, but it seems to be working (refer to Andrew Bogut comments). Try talking to that Gadzuric guy about when to use his jumper.
Toni Kukoc - Great shot selection when you're in the game. Remember you and EJ are the veterans that need to provide leadership to the rest of the team. Any hustle you provide is a bonus.
Jamaal Magloire - Great defense, great rebounding, PUT THE BALL IN THE BASKET. Your inability to make your jump hook is causing me to go prematurely bald.
Michael Redd - Great job, you're been worth your money offensively. I could use more defensively, I understand that you typically guard the other teams best scorer, but give me some love. Try not to get beat to the basket as often, we would win quite a few more games with better perimeter defense. Do whatever you have to do to slow down the other teams two-guards. As I said before, great job offensively. Tell coach Stotts that you need more double-post screens called for you.
Bobby Simmons - You're awesome when you're on top of your game. You're almost invisible offensively at times though, where do you go? I understand that you've been in a slump, but looking at the Mavericks game tonight, you've busted out. Great job defensively, you've been the difference maker between so far down low adding that extra presence.
Joe Smith - Haven't got to see you play enough. GET HEALTHY. I liked what I saw, you're going to be a solid addition to the rotation.
Jiri Welsch - Awesome hustle. I didn't know you were a hustler before I saw you play, I love it! You've played pretty well when you have had the chance. Try and get better and cutting off dribble penetration.
Mo Williams - Strong offensive play, pretty good shot selection in the games I've watched. Like many of your teammates, I would like to see a better job of stopping the dribble penetration.

I'm not at all concerned by the 6 and 6 record. We've played quite a few tough teams so far. We're going to be able to convert some of those bad finishes to great ones later in the season when the team grows together more. The poor shooting can be fixed by better shot selection. Terry Stotts has done a fairly good job getting the right people on the floor at the right time, with so many new players he's learning where they fit as the season goes on.


Chase to 50: Bucks vs Pistons

Finally a game I could go to, and a big one at that. The game plan was to get close seats from the get-go, so I went and sat in the lower level right away. I managed to score a seat in the third row one section off the bench (203), absolutely awesome seat. I love it when I can hear the coaches yelling and the players talking on the court. Sadly, the people that sat in those seats showed up at half-time. I moved a few rows back in the same section, thanks to the help of a few off-duty FBI Federal Marshals that I had got to know over the course of the game.

Game-wise things were okay. As has been the story of the Bucks losses, poor shooting was killing the Bucks for most of the game. They played fairly well for spurts, but couldn't close out the game at any point. Michael Redd, who played a medicore first half, absolutely exploded in the second half. During one stretch he scored ten unanswered points and put the Bucks right back in the game with the powerhouse Pistons. Unfortunately two jump shots (both misses) by Dan Gadzuric, that should not have been taken, ended Redd and the Bucks' run. This is where more playing together and improved coaching would have helped put the Bucks over the top, Gadzuric has to know he shouldn't be shooting in these situations.

Ultimately, the Bucks lose.

Bucks 76, Pistons 85 - Recap - My Pictures

The Chase to 50: 6-6, with 70 to go!


Chase to 50: Bucks vs Timberwolves

I was up at the Grandma's house for this game and because of that wasn't in a market that had access to the game. Well I may have been, but I didn't have cable. I talked to some guys at the Pistons game a few days later and from what I hear everything was going fine and then Kevin Garnett stepped up. In the late stages of the fourth quarter Kevin Garnett did what he does best and played great basketball, enough that he was able to just dominate the game and lead Minnesota to the win.

Bucks 99 - Timberwolves 91 - Box Score

The Chase to 50: 6-5, with 71 to go!

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Chase to 50: Bucks vs Sixers

NOTE: Yes I am playing big time catch-up.

I didn't get a chance to watch this game except for the very end (I had been lured into going to Harry Potter). I was home for break and this game isn't part of my half-season package, so I wasn't in a rush to get to this game.

Lacking anything very intelligent to say, it was nice to come home and watch the Bucks close out the game.

The Chase to 50: 6-4, with 72 to go!


Flock and Tagging

I'm now testing Flock, the Firefox code with blog editing added in. I'm sure there are all kinds of other features, but I haven't had time to find them yet. This is pretty slick so far, much easier to tag stuff than even with my template in W.bloggar.

Dulin, watch out, they have built-in Technorati tagging. Dulin, by the way, is working on a .NET implementation of a blogging app that would have built-in tagging and be able to use the Blogger API.

Update: It appears raw HTML doesn't work, at least with the default options. That's not cool.

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Pause in Age of Empires 3

The pause/unpause button in Age of Empires 3 is actually the "pause/break" button on your keyboard. This took me a solid ten minutes to figure out after reloading a saved game (which resumes in the "paused state"). Hopefully this will save you some time.

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Your Cat

Monday, November 28, 2005

"Xbox 360 as Stable as a Drunk Two-Year-Old on Stilts"

I liked the title so much that I just had to pass this post along from GearBits. The title speaks for itself, so you know what you're getting into.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Top Ten Phones in America

A list of the top ten phones in America according to sales data. Note that 8 out of the 10 are handsets.



So I'm back in Janesville for the first real time since I moved in at MSOE on September 1st. The last time I was here at the end of September I was up in Whitewater for most of the time, so I can't say that really counts. This time I've actually stayed in Janesville.

Monday I spoke at Craig High School all day about Microosft (particularly the Student Ambassador program) and MSOE. Five hours worth of talking to all of the computer science classes, I can't imagine being one of those teachers that lectures all period long everyday. I did five 50-minute sessions and my voice was running dry at the end of each one. Thankfully water did the trick. It was a rewarding experience for myself and hopefully for those I got to speak to. I know "back in my day" guest speakers were always helpful.

Last night I was asked by a few people to come play with the pep band at the girls basketball game between Craig and Parker, the two Janesville high schools. With both teams in a "rebuilding" year the game was pretty intense up until the end when Craig was able to pull away. The newspaper photographer at the game decided I was a pretty photoworthy subject, so I'm on the front page of today's Janesville Gazette playing my trombone (associated article). I really wish they would have put a current Craig student in the picture instead of me, someone else deserves the love.

I've come to the conclusion I really like Milwaukee more than Janesville based on the suburban style of Janesville. My friend Charlie Wanninger calls Janesville "The suburb of nowhere", and he couldn't be more right. I enjoy the tall buildings that surround me in downtown Milwaukee. The hassle of having to drive everywhere in Janesville is a real downer for me.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Can You Trust the Wikipedia?

This article asks the experts to rate the Wikpedia, definitely worth a read.



It's worth noting that I haven't had any trouble with Blogger going down in the past few months. That's an impressive change from just under a year ago when I was having a lot problems and thinking about switching. Hopefully when they remove a lot of the spam blogs (splogs) that have plauged the free Blogger-hosted the speed of my service in the end. Good job with the up-time the past few months Blogger team!



Afer talking to so many people with various ranges of experience both with computers and wikis, it has become clear to me that there needs to be some kind of demo video available for the Wikipedia. A real quick presentation available online that shows you how to read the articles, the dangers of them being incorrect, how to edit the articles, and plays some fancy piano music through all of that.


Networked Creative Money Saving


Networked creative intelligence by ZDNet's Dan Farber -- Gartner makes a prediction that by 2015, over 100 leading companies will have made or saved at least $10 million due to networked creative intelligence, which leverages virtual communities to create new sources of information and value. Quality and trust ratings, folksonomies and tagging, prediction markets and open source coding and content development (Wikipedia) are examples [...]

Nice quick read with some happy thoughts.



Cory Doctorow gives us "Metcrap". It's worth a read if you're interested in tagging.


Monday, November 21, 2005

Chase to 50: Bucks vs Jazz

Poor shooting. Poor free throw shooting. Lackluster defense. Foul trouble for the big men. Turnovers.

Why can't we win out West?

Non-televised game to cap it all off.

Final Score: Bucks 80, Kings 100 - ESPN Recap

The Chase to 50: 5-4, with 73 to go!

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Pain and Suffering

It hurts so much to lose to the Minnesota Vikings twice in one season, especially when both times are field goals as the game expires. I still love my Packers, it's been a crazy year to lose so many close games.


Facebook Success

Greg Linden speculates about the success of the Facebook.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Voice Over Artists

When voice over artists get together. If you ever wanted to see the faces behind the voices that haunt you before movies, this is your chance.

Thanks go to Matt Kruszka for the link.


Friday, November 18, 2005

NBA TV Broadband

This NBA TV Broadband stuff is pretty sweet, those with dial-up are missing out. There is even an RSS feed and a RSS video feed, sweet! Check it all out.


Chase to 50: Bucks vs Kings

The story of the game tonight is pretty simple. The Bucks played a subpar game especially shooting-wise and defensively. The Sacromento Kings shot pretty well and were able to generate a lot of fast break points. Kings win, Bucks lose.

A sad start to my Thanksgiving break. Why can't we win out West?

Final Score: Bucks 82, Kings 103 - ESPN Gamecast

The Chase to 50: 5-3, with 74 to go!

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Sony's In More Trouble

Chris Pirillo has a gripe with Sony, similar to say the one he had with Dell a week or so ago. It appears the Playstation 2 is damaging CDs and DVDs, but Sony claims there is nothing wrong. It's pretty hard to trust a company that was just caught installing a root kit using audio CDs.

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Zawodny - "According to FEMA, Being Prepared Leads to Disaster!"

I wanted to get this link up on the blog, before it had been saved in my RSS aggregate for over a month. Sometimes a picture is really worth 1,000 words from Jeremy Zawodny's blog. It's funny, check it out.

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Google Boxes

Cringely has done it again. He has released an excellent article about the plans for Google's network that I'm not seeing anywhere else on the internet.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Milwaukee 2.0 - Episode 004

The fourth episode of Milwaukee 2.0 is now available.

As always all the information is available in the show notes, which you can add to. Feel free to email or call me if you have questions. All that information is available on the right side of BobtheKing Dot Com.

Download Now (MP3 26.9MB 33:13) - Shownotes

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Chase to 50: Standings at a Glance

Time for a quick peak at the Central Division Standings.

1. Detroit Pistons (7-0)
2. Cleveland Cavaliers (6-2)
3. Milwaukee Bucks (5-2)
4. Indiana Pacers (4-3)
5. Chicago Bulls (3-4)

If the playoffs were to start today the Bucks would be the 5th of 8 seeds and the Bulls would miss the playoffs by a game to the New Jersey Nets. If you're keeping score at home, that means almost every team in the Central Divison would be in the playoffs. The Central Division is easily the best division in basketball this year and there is a very good chance that every team in the division could end up in the playoffs come the end of the season. This all adds up to good basketball.

One of many reasons I like professional basketball over professional baseball is that there are more teams playing in the post-season.

Go Bucks Go!


Chase to 50: Bucks vs Warriors

This game was the second game on the Bucks West coast trip and the grudge match between the Bucks and Warriors. The Bucks were on the hunt tonight looking for the win. First and formost they wanted to please me and the Chase to 50. They also were trying to stop a 17-game West coast losing streak and win the second and final match against the Warriors this year. I really wanted to see them pull out a strong victory after they lost at home last week.

Things were going unusually well through the first three and a half quarters. I've become used to the late game comebacks, but the Bucks were in the driver's seat for most of the game. A big run in the third put them up big coming in to the late stages of the game. The Warriors went on a run though and made it a down-to-the-wire finish. I'll leave you to read the recap if you want to the complete breakdown of how that all transpired. What matters most is BUCKS WIN, BUCKS WIN, BUCKS WIN!

The Bucks kept the drive-and-dish offense of the Warriors to a marginally functional state, and that allowed them to control the game and pull out the win. Solid performances from Redd, Bogut, Simmons, Ford, and Smith were a big help. Most important factor in the win, I think, was the time T.J. Ford was on the court (39 minutes), the longer he's on the court playing defense during crunch time against a team with an offense like the Warriors, the more games the Bucks will win. He wasn't on the court enough during the late stages of the game against the Warriors last week. His late-game turnovers, that almost sunk the Bucks tonight, will disappear as the season goes on and he gains more experience.

I liked what I saw tonight.

Five Bucks in double figures in at least one category, nice. Bobcats pulled out a victory over the Pacers tonight, that's a nice upset that should help the Bucks come close to playoff time. The Blazers pulled out a potentially more important win over the Bulls. It's expected for the Bulls and Bucks to be fighting for a playoff spot at the end of the season. We'll see, every game counts.

It's almost worth noting that the Bucks have failed to score 100 points in the past two games after scoring over 100 in each of the first five games.

Final Score: Bucks 90, Warriors 87 - Recap

The Chase to 50: 5-2, with 75 to go!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chase to 50: Bucks vs Clippers

Had to watch this one (along with the next few) on the television because they're on a road trip out West. We have played well on the road in the East so far this year, but it's been real rough in the past few years out West. Well, things continued. Not too much to say, the Bucks were outplayed. The hustle was there initially, they just couldn't get a solid run in to get a lead. The Clippers are a hot team and they played like that during the game.

It was nice to see Ervin Johnson once the team started getting blown-out. His wisdom as a veteran really showed during his short time on the court. I would expect him to be an assistant coach in a few years. He already looks like one in the huddle.

Final Score: Bucks 109, Clippers 85 - Recap

The Chase to 50: 4-2, with 76 to go!


Barry Scores!

Devin Barry scored his first basket as a Wisconsin Badger against Lawrence in a 81-46 exhibition win. Let's hope for many more to come down the road. Recap and Box Score


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Steve Ballmer Remix

Charlie Wanninger hooked me up with a remix of those Steve Ballmer videos I posted about before.


Chase to 50: Bucks vs Pacers

The Bucks pulled out a huge win over the Indiana Pacers after trailing the whole game. Mo Williams nailed a three-pointer from a few feet off the line to give the Bucks a 103-102. It was absolutely amazing! A big finish from Michael Redd and T.J. Ford helped put the Bucks in a position to win. Andrew Bogut played a solid game, especially at the end. Stopping penetration was still a big problem, like it was in the Golden State game. Most imporantly, hustle was there, we're going to win (and win a lot) with hustle. It also doesn't help that we're the only team in the league to score over 100 points in every game.

I sadly had to watch the game from the comfort of my dorm room a few blocks from the stadium. I had walked over to the game with my friends that were in town, however they were out of college night $8 tickets. The next tickets available were $28 and my friends (fairly) weren't interested. I sold mine for ten bucks and decided even though it was A HUGE GAME, I wouldn't ditch my friends. The things I do for friendship. We had a good time though and were all up on our feet for the end of the game cheering at the TV. I can't imagine how crazy the rest of the people on the floor think I am. Go Bucks Go!

Final Score: Bucks 103, Pacers 102 - Recap.

The Chase to 50: 4-1, with 77 to go!


Packers Win!

The Packers managed to finally pull out a win (a huge upset at that) and are now 2-7. It's about time, things are still pretty rough for me to watch. So many of the games have been so close, they're a better team than the record shows. Recap.

With so many players hurt, it's impressive that they've been able to look so good at times. That I guess is the Brett Favre factor.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Milwaukee 2.0 - Episode 003

The third episode of Milwaukee 2.0 is now available. We had to take last week off due to an unexpected curveball that was thrown my way, learn more about that on the show.

As always all the information is available in the show notes, which you can add to. Feel free to email or call me if you have questions. All that information is available on the right side of BobtheKing Dot Com.

Download Now (MP3 24.2MB 30:01) - Shownotes

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Dell and Problems

It appears Chris Pirillo, like myself, wishes Dell to go bye-bye. Dell's customer service has a track record of being bad, if you have the choice, don't order from Dell.

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Plane Crash

It's worth a mention that a plane crashed by me last night. Story.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Steve Ballmer Likes Developers?

Not going to lie, this video of Steve Ballmer is a tad bit scary.

Update: Thanks to Charlie Wanninger, I'm now pretty sure my previous video has been out done by this one.

Update 2: A quick web search also turns up this video of Ballmer selling Windows 1.0. More weirdness.


FICO Score

Take five minutes to learn how to improve your credit rating. If you're like me you're just starting to establish one and you're trying not to fall into a hole you would have to climb out of.


Fun with a Lizard

I'm glad my parents didn't do this to my friends and me at one of my birthday parties. This video comes from none other than Doc.

It's loud enough outside that I would dare say it's Hurricane Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee. Lots of good times tonight, more on that tomorrow. Bucks win!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chase to 50: Bucks vs Warriors

I failed to bring a home a win for the deer last night. I snuck into the seventh row directly behind the bench and was yelling for the low-post double-screen play that results in Michael Redd being wide open for a shot every time, however the Bucks could not bring home the win. T.J. Ford, even though he's the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, had an off shooting night. As a result Coach Stotts left him on the bench for what I thought was a little too long, especially in the late stages of the game. With Michael Redd in foul trouble and therefore sitting longer than usual, Charlie Bell receieved way too much playing time. The drive-and-dish strategy of the Warriors worked well, with Baron Davis and company going to the basket and passing it back out to a now open player (particularly Pat Murphy) for the wide open three. This system works perfectly when the player can get close to the basket and the defense collapses on him. Bell, weak on defense, and Mo Williams let this scenario play out way too often during the late stages of the game. T.J. Ford, I feel, could have stopped a lot of the drives to the basket and therefore killed the Warriors in the late stages of the game. Oh well, you can't win them all. They played well, especially Bogut, just not well enough.

My pictures turned out pretty good.

Final Score: Bucks 103, Warriors 110 - Recap

The Chase to 50: 3-1, with 78 to go!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day in Review

Opened an Ameritrade account today, something fun to do with the money I'm earning while working at school.

Bucks vs Warriors tonight. T.J. Ford is the Eastern Conference Player of the Week.

Conference call tonight which starts at tipoff of the game. Should be fun to be paticipate from the stands/concourse area during the first quarter of the game.

Missed the podcast last night because of the timing issue created because of the funeral coming up on Friday. The Thursday edition of Milwaukee 2.0 will be missed too. We'll try and be back next week.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas

"Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas". It's a great short essay, check it out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

VS Launch

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 launches tomorrow. Wahoo! I can't wait to start work on the Ride Bidder project. If you're looking to do any C# development or ASP.NET development in an environment where you can have ownership in the project, feel free to leave a comment. I have a job for you!


Chase to 50: Bucks Home Opener

The Milwaukee Bucks home opener against the Miami Heat was last night and yours truly was there with some friends. Unfortunately because this game wasn't in my half season plan, I had to wait in line way back in September to buy these tickets the minute they were available. Of course I bought the cheapest tickets available ($10), because I don't have money coming out of the woodwork. The tickets however were not disappointing, especially sitting with a sellout crowd of my 18,000 favorite friends. The volume level in the Bradley Center was amazing, especially come the fourth quarter. With Shaq, out the Bucks were able to bring home the win. Bobby Simmons really was the player of the game, but some real bruising by Jamaal Magloire at the end of the game really was a big help. The play of those two was a perfect example of what has been missing in previous seasons. Sparing myself, I'll let you read the recap. There are pictures of the game up on my Flickr account, if you're into that kind of thing. If you head over to the NBA section on you can check out the "Motion video" stuff, which allows you to watch highlights of the game, including Simmons monster dunk at the end of the game.

The Chase To 50: 3-0, with 79 to go!


Saturday, November 05, 2005


This afternoon after a nearly year-long struggle resulting from a car accident my grandpa, Ralph Jannene, passed away. My last memory of him was watching him begin to cry about how he was so proud of me for my scholarship. He will be missed.

Friday, November 04, 2005

TNT vs Mark Cuban

My favorite NBA owner Mark Cuban, no it's not Herb Kohl, is calling out Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith on his blog. It appears he's taken some heat and is even standing by his initial post. I like it! The smart thing for those two to do would be to have some kind of TNT NBA blog, but of course they're not doing that.

I like Cuban more than Kohl because he's so active. You can track his thoughts on his blog and see him courtside at all the Mavericks games. Kohl, while he does own my beloved Bucks, I don't see blogging or jumping around courtside at every game. That's good though, he's a Senator, he should be doing government stuff instead.

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Fluffy iPod

My brother asked me who doesn't want a fluffy iPod? I just don't know.


Chase to 50

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Milwaukee Bucks will win 50 games this year. We all know they're for sure going to the playoffs, but what about 50 wins, wouldn't that be great?

After Wednesday night's destruction of the New Jersey Nets, we're 2-0 with 80 to go. Mo Williams, T.J. Ford, Andrew Bogut, and especially Michael Redd all had big nights. Michael Redd so far has earned every dollar of his max contract and I didn't doubt that he would.

The Chase To 50: 2-0, with 80 to go!

I for some reason thought I had wrote this post about Wednesday night's game, but apparently I didn't.

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Bucks Thoughts

Jason Kidd, All-Star point guard on the New Jersey Nets had this to say about the Bucks, "There were no expectations, so they're under the radar. Those kinds of teams are dangerous." He went on to say, "They've got a good mix of veterans and newcomers. They're deep and they've got a great coach. I think they will be there at the end of the season." What we can assume he meant is that they're going to be for sure in the playoffs at the end of the season.

Bucks star, Michael Redd, commented, "the fans in Milwaukee, wow, they're probably thinking this team is really legit."

Wake up people, like I've been saying all summer, the Bucks are a great team! Sports journalist Michael Hunt agrees.

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Goodbye Annex

The Milwaukee County Courthouse Annex is coming down. The building, which hangs over the Interstate, has pleased many riders headed south on Interstate 43for many years now with the mural of whales that occupy the north side of the building. The Journal Sentinel has the rest of the story.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Milwaukee 2.0 - Episode 002

The second episode of Milwaukee 2.0, my internet audio talkshow (podcast), is now available. Sam, Tad, and I worked hard to make this one possible. It required talking about geeky stuff and sports, and then some Mountain Dew drinking. Pepsi, would you like to sponsor us?

This one went a little longer than I expected, oh well. We're going to try and get one out about two a week, but we'll see what happens.

As always all the information is available in the show notes, which you can add to. Feel free to email or call me if you have questions.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

USB/SD Combo Card

Wired in their Gear Factor section had a short little article about this fancy USB/SD combo card. Looks like something would be pretty slick in my PDA when I'm on the road. "Oh my battery is low, let me just put my usb memory key in your computer." No more worrying about having an SD reader.


AJAX and Microsoft?

Lots of people are asking me about the "Live" product announcements from Microsoft, however I haven't had the time to really read up on them yet. I'm already thinking up some crazy ideas in my head of applications for the products, however I don't have enough information to really tell you anything about them yet. Give me the rest of the night and then I can talk intelligently about them (once I'm caught up with the RSS feeds).

I also found today that many people don't know what AJAX is, so I'm going to be talking about what exactly AJAX in one of my next posts and how it relates to these new Microsoft products.

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Michael Redd

Blowing by two defenders on his way to a basket.

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Looking Good

Last night as you know was the NBA tip-off. It was an absolutely awesome night. The Milwaukee Bucks played in the first game, however it was not natioanlly televised. It's okay I forgive your mistake giant media companies, it's your loss anyway. The team showed that they were a incredibly promising team all game long. The overall game they played just was so much smarter than last year that it put them in a position to win at the end of the game. The previously griped about substituion problems were fixed under new coach Terry Stotts. I was excited right away when I saw Michael Redd getting lots of touches, unlike last year, and when he did touch the ball he was putting it through the basket. Redd has such a sweet shot that it's hard for him to have an off night, just get the ball in his hands. This I think was as much as a reflection of improved coaching as it was having T.J. Ford back in the lineup distributing the ball.

The Bucks looked good the whole game. Lots of hustle. T.J. Ford sprinted the ball down the court every time, which really helped setup the offense and get lots of easy shots. The overall shot selection was so much improved over last year, if things go as they did last night, they shouldn't worry about getting blown out ever, unlike last year. Last year an off-night would result in the Bucks losing by 20+. This year I think they could win in an off-night.

Dan Gadzuric showed this turn around jump shot a few times last night that could make him an All-Star center, and he's the third best center on the team! Where did that come from? It was awesome, do it all year long! We're going to win lots of games if we can get that kind of production that deep on the bench.

Jamal Magloire, after only being with the team for a few days, showed lots of promise. He showed signs of what I thought were fatigue, perhaps mental fatigue resulting from being traded to the Bucks just a few days ago and having try and adjust his game to fit in with his new team. His play should be a huge factor in pushing us over the top and getting us deep into the playoffs this year.

Michael Redd looked great, his three-pointer to tie the game was exactly what needed to happen. Best player with the ball in his hands at crunch time. He turned it up in the fourth quarter, when we need him most. That's leading and that's why he got the huge contract.

Bobby Simmons looked like a steal, he dropped 22 points and had 12 rebounds, he was there all game long providing that boost when we needed him.

Charlie Bell, the tenth man, played a good game. He was left on the court to long to be exposed for his defensive weaknesses, but on offense his was unstoppable. I would expect to see him in shorter and shorter bursts as T.J. Ford gets back into his NBA form and Mo Williams learns how to provide a spark off the bench as the backup point guard. We could also be seeing plenty of Charlie Bell at the two-guard position, but I would hope that's only because we're taking Redd out of the game because we're blowing out the other team.

Andrew Bogut played like he's going to be Rookie of the Year, and he should be. He hustled and ran the court gracefully, which put him in positions to make big plays that other big men couldn't be making. He was a rebound shy of a double-double. If he puts up those kinds of numbers every night, we're playoff bound for sure.

The veteran Toni Kukoc played a solid game when he was on the court, exactly what we need from him with a team of young players.

This was all I will add without Joe Smith who was hurt. Add him in to the rotation and we would have been able to avoid overtime and win in the first 48 minutes with ease.

The promise is real, we're a deep team and we're going to go far into the playoffs. Terry Stotts you showed why you're the head coach. As I griped about last year, Terry Porter just did not show a great basketball IQ when he was coaching. You (I'm talking to you Terry Stotts) on the other hand ran great substitions, you had a bad lineup at the start of the fourth, but you fixed that quickly. Way to show that you have a high basketball IQ.

As I had mentioned last year when Terry Porter was still the coach and needed my help badly, I am available to be an assistant coach for all home games. I live only a couple of blocks from the stadium, so I can make it to the games even if I have class! Larry Harris already stole my master plan, why not just hire me?

Add a big man (Bogut, Magloire), check. Get a defensive motivator (Bobby Simmons, Jamaal Magloire), check. Get players to free up Redd (Smith, Bogut, Magloire, Simmons, Ford, Bell, Jiri Welsch), check. Substitute more, check. Call more plays for Redd, check. Wow, you really did steal my master plan. You did one up me though Larry, you fired Terry Porter and brought in Terry Stotts. THANK GOD, I don't know what you would have done with Terry Porter, when I couldn't coach the team on the road games.

Offer still stands, I'm available to coach or be an assistant GM whenever you need me.

Journal Sentinel article about the Bucks having much promise, box score from last night's game, recap from last night's game.

Can't wait for the home opener against the Miami Heat on Saturday night. One game down, 81 to go.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

NBA Season Opener

The NBA season starts tonight. The Milwaukee Bucks take on the Philadelphia 76ers at Philadelphia. The game will be televised on UPN24 at 6 P.M. CST.

The NBA finally got the start date right this year. Last year, as you may remember, they started on November 2nd, the night of the Presidential Election. Of course I didn't watch then, but I will be tonight.


Flu Shot

I got the flu shot today. Here is to hoping it stops me from getting the flu. I'm at a pretty high risk now that I'm living in the dorms with lots of engineers, a few of which don't seem to like being clean.