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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ESPN360 - Bad Business Model

Mark Fletcher drew my attention to how bad ESPN 360's business model is.  They play the games online that you can't catch on TV and you get access to an assortment of ESPN shows.  Awesome, right?  A dream come true for out of market fans?  Give ESPN some money and then watch your favorite team, as long as you have an internet connection.

Turns out, ESPN doesn't want to make it that easy.  They instead charge your ISP.  If your ISP pays, you get access.  If your ISP doesn't pay?  There is nothing you can do, but beg them to pay.

Why can't I choose to use the service on my own?  I don't know.  They're locking out all kinds of customers this way, myself included.

ISP's shouldn't be forced to pay for the service and then spread the costs to all of their customers.  Only the people that use this service should pay for it.

I would hate to see a world where every service operated this way.  I can't imagine how high our ISP bills would be.


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